The Hour of Curiosity is a set of free lesson plans, professional development activities, videos and more developed to support student engagement, 21st century education and STEAM.

Watch “Coding Gives Kids Voice” recorded at TEDxChathamKent:

Watch “Hacking th Classroom” recorded at TEDxKitchenerED:




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What is the Hour of Curiosity?

The Hour of Curiosity is a bank of resources created and curated by Brian Aspinall as a MPed Math student at Western University. If you wish to contribute, please contact me.

When is the Hour of Curiosity?

The Hour of Curiosity is not a scheduled event. Rather it is a place for teachers to get comfortable with coding, augmented reality, Minecraft and MaKey MaKey. Some resources are meant for PD opportunities, some are classroom activities and some are student examples.

Why the Hour of Curiosity?

I love the Hour of Code so much, I wanted to create a resource beyond coding. Computational thinking is a critical skill for today’s industry and is much broader in scope. Being able to combine coding with hardware tangibles and a creative imagination is a powerful synergy.

Is everything here free?


Can I download and share it with other teachers?

You bet.

Why are you doing this?

I want to spread the love of Computer Science and expose as many kids and teachers to it.

Can I help?

Yes! Feel free to pin, post, tweet, download and email these resources to your PLN.